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State Information Technology Services Division

Goals and Objectives 2019 Biennium

Division Mission: To provide shared information technology services to support the needs of the state and the citizens of Montana.

Goal: Deliver Enterprise IT services to state and local government and the University System


  • Identify and deploy networking technology that provides greater efficiency, security, and flexibility
  • Support business needs by utilizing an agile and responsive service delivery model
  • Actively engage state agencies, local governments, and the University System in developing solutions for improving services

Goal: Deliver mobile capability that serves citizens, businesses, and education


  • Identify additional mission-critical business functions that will benefit from mobile support
  • Improve government efficiency by making government services available anytime, anywhere
  • Continue to improve the management of state data and applications on mobile devices

Goal: Build and operate Enterprise systems that are shared across state and local government


  • Make technology more cost-effective by leveraging economies of scale
  • Actively engage state agencies and local governments in the process of identifying opportunities to share resources
  • Leverage the data center for local governments, school districts, and the University System
  • Utilize existing resources to support or enhance enterprise electronic content management services

Goal: Utilize Cloud, open data, and existing applications to maximize value and minimize IT cost


  • Take advantage of opportunities to save time and money by deploying Software as a Service (SaaS) and other existing solutions over custom-built systems when possible
  • Enable IT to quickly allocate the proper resources to meet unpredictable and fluctuating business needs
  • Increase technology infrastructure efficiencies
  • Increase transparency and access to valuable government data

Goal: Manage cybersecurity risk to systems, assets, and data


  • Develop best practices for common security controls for all agencies to use
  • Develop and implement a standardization information security program assessment and measures for departments and the state
  • Provide a yearly state information security assessment to the Governor showing program success and a plan to address any shortcomings
  • Develop a Governor’s information security dashboard