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2014 Project Excellence Awards


State Chief Information Officer Ron Baldwin presented four 2014 Project Excellence awards from the Information Technology Managers Council at the 2015 Montana Government IT Conference, Dec. 9-12, in Helena. Congratulations to these recipients!

Award for Collaboration and Public Access - Commissioner of Political Practices/Campaign Reporting Online Service. Team Leader/Members: Jonathan Motl, Mary Baker, Kym Trujillo, Larry Nagy, Penne Cross, Lyn Ketchum, Shawn Villa, Tammy LaVigne, Anita Bangert, Chris Lake, Kelly Wiley, Garry Yadon, Dana Curry, Judy Simpson, Mike Walsh, as well as members of the Montana Legislature and other agencies that assisted in testing. This award honors the new campaign reporting online service.

Award for Innovative Mobile Application - Department of Environmental Quality/ AmigoCloud Mobile Project. Team Leader/Members - Nat Carter and Chris Stump. AmigoCloud is an innovative geospatial data collection form and sharing platform that allows for custom data collection.

Award for Collaboration and Agile Project Management - Department of Labor and Industry/STAARS (Status, Tax Accounting, Audit & Rating System). Team Leader/Members: Corena Benjamin, John Hessler, Annette Rinehart, Diane Bianchi, April Hislop, Lisa Barton, Doug Bawden, Casey Greenwood, Mike Nelsen, Paula Hayes, Tim Baxter and Keith Lavender. STAARS offers Montana employers an array of e-services and information to do their unemployment insurance tax business online while incorporating imaging, workflow, case management and state-of-the art features for department personnel.

Award for Collaboration and Data Protection - Department of Administration - State Information Technology Services Division/Multi-factor Authentication Project. Team Leader/Members: Lynne Pizzini, Sean Rivera, James Zito, Dana Petersen, Joel Hardamon, Kyle Kaufman, Layne Cope, Dave Johnson, Miranda Keaster, Shawn Beckman, Alex Ostberg, Matt Simpson, Michele Burchett and Anne Kane. Special thanks and recognition to the Department of Revenue, which was instrumental in obtaining funding via HB 10 in the 2013 Legislature and collaborating with SITSD to implement multi-factor authentication. Multi-factor authentication requires users to use a combination of a password and a passcode (a one-time PIN) from an RSA token, which enhances security to the state's network. It is currently being used by both DOR and DOA. Learn More

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