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Adobe Enterprise Term Licensing Agreement

At the end of November, the Department of Administration entered into an enterprise agreement with Adobe® to allow State agencies unlimited access to Adobe's suite of desktop products. Adobe's Enterprise Term License Agreement (ETLA) is a three year term license agreement designed specifically for governments and large enterprises. 

The ETLA forgoes a traditional software licensing model in favor of a model allowing unlimited installations with no annual license true-up. Under the ETLA, users are entitled to the most current versions of products, including maintenance and support. While the enterprise agreement will allow unlimited installations, State Information Technology Services Division (SITSD) is encouraging all agencies to deploy licenses on an as-needed basis only.

The Adobe Enterprise Dashboard is an online portal where agencies can upload users and deploy licenses. Each agency will have their own tenant space within the Enterprise Dashboard and each respective space will be separated from the view of other agencies. 

Each agency's deployments are kept private.

The ETLA represents a major transition in deployment of and access to Adobe products. A Security Risk Assessment was required before onboarding of agencies to the Enterprise Dashboard could begin. The Risk Assessment was recently completed. IT reviewed security threats and vulnerabilities to determine levels of risk and recommended mitigation on system architecture and operational components. This assessment involved looking at access and identification types, deployment options, license migration, onboarding paths, and impact to end users, as well as potential vulnerabilities of users accessing and interacting with this system.

Additionally, federated access to Adobe products under the ETLA has been established to improve security controls and leverage Active Directory single sign-on to manage authentication of end users. When a user account is removed from Active Directory, they no longer have access to the Enterprise Dashboard.

Important Instructions for Agencies

Information Technology Administrators in any agency who wish to gain access to Adobe products under the ETLA must submit a service ticket to SITSD requesting access to the Adobe Enterprise Dashboard. In the request, a user must include what level of access they are requesting, what their role is in administering Adobe products in their agency and an email indicating approval from their supervisor for the access. Level of access within the Enterprise Dashboard is defined by two administrative roles: Product Administrators and Deployment Administrators.

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