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Drop Dropbox! Take MT Drive out for a Spin

MT Drive is an added benefit of the State of Montana File Transfer Service. It provides a secure and convenient way to share and collaborate on files between state employees and the public. The service is free and simple to use. It is a functional on-premises private cloud based storage solution offering 20 GB of storage. You can get access to your files on the go or utilize it as a secure backup.

Every state network user gets 20 GB of FREE storage and can create unlimited shareable folders! 

How do I use MT Drive?

Users must have an State Network User ID in order to create shareable folders. Each State Network User ID is allowed 20 GB of storage in the shareable folders. 

Where can I find it?

Login to the State of Montana File Transfer Service and click the MT Drive tab.


How do I login?

To login, select the link that says "Login using ePass Montana", and then "Login with State Employee Account" and use your state network login credentials.

How does a public user set up an account?All a public user needs to do is go to http://transfer.mt.gov  

and select "Create an ePass Account" (unless they already have one) and then login and select the MT Drive tab.

How do I use the features and upload or share files?

Read all about it here!


What if I have questions?

Contact the SITSD Service Desk: servicedesk.mt.gov or 406.444.2000.

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