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Governor Bullock acknowledges October 2020 as "National Cybersecurity Awareness Month" in the state of Montana

September 4, 2020


Dear Friends:

It is my pleasure to acknowledge October 2020 as "National Cybersecurity Awareness Month" in the state of Montana.

Security is essential in every facet of our lives and cybersecurity is especially important. I conunend the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, the Multi-State Information Sharing and Analysis Center, the National Association ofState Chieflnformation Officers, and the National Cyber Security Alliance for their steadfast work and dedication. They play a vital role in protecting citizens from and responding to cybersecurity threats that have significant impact to our safety and privacy.

Critical infrastructure sectors are increasingly reliant on information systems and technology, and we must be sure they are supported and protected. One step we can take is understanding that cybersecurity education and awareness is crucial to keep everyone protected. From large corporations and small businesses to schools, government agencies, and home users, everyone must be aware ofbest practices with regard to cybersecurity.

I encourage all Montanans to join me in acknowledging October 2020 as "National Cybersecurity Awareness Month" and to use cybersecurity best practices to protect themselves online.

Steve Bullock

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