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Lynne Pizzini, Deputy Chief Information Officer and Chief Information Security Officer to retire in December

Lynne Pizzini, Deputy Chief Information Officer and Chief Information Security Officer, is retiring in December.


Lynne has spent over 25 years of her career working in public service, with 17 of them working at SITSD.


Over the course of her career she has worked through six different governors, witnessed the construction of the state data centers and survived Y2K. One of her favorite memories is working through the night, with the ISD (now known as SITSD) staff that New Year’s Eve, anticipating that Y2K would take the systems down.


She created, implemented, and built the State’s security program, integrating state-of-the art technology, and ensuring Montana is a leader across the Nation in information technology and security.


“Lynne Pizzini has devoted her career to security, and the State of Montana has been the great beneficiary of that devotion. For Lynne, the phrase “it’s all about security” is more than a mantra, it is a belief put into action. Having Lynne by my side as CISO has been a partnership and a privilege. As she retires from public service, I wish her the very best and know that her passion for security will continue to benefit the public sector, our state and our nation,” Ron Baldwin, Chief Information Officer.


Lynne believes that Montana has always been on the cutting edge of technology and is proud of that fact. In addition, she is appreciative of the Bullock administration for supporting cyber security and making advances that help to keep the systems and citizens across Montana safe.


After retiring from the State of Montana, Lynne will begin work for Cerium Networks as the Director for Cyber Security. In this role, she will help small and medium sized businesses incorporate security into their organizations.


“Lynne has been a valuable and integral part of SITSD and a pillar of public service. She is known nationally and has left a mark on our Department. I want to thank her for her years of service and recognize her outstanding career,” John Lewis, Director, Department of Administration.


Please send Lynne well wishes and congratulations as she takes the next steps in her career.

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