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State employees in Lincoln County see improved services

State Employees in Lincoln County See Improved Services

State employees working in Montana's Lincoln County are enjoying greater bandwidth, improved connectivity and faster Internet speeds thanks to new fiber optic connections in that rural area. The improved service was made possible by an unprecedented partnership between the state, Charter Communications and Vision Net, in conjunction with Montana West and Montana Sky Networks as a result of a fiber build that was part of the BROADBAND USA project. After some delays, the fiber solution was implemented in early December. SITSD serves nine state agencies that house employees in 12 different sites in Lincoln County/Libby area. Historically, this remote area has been a challenge to serve due to limited infrastructure and rough terrain. SITSD previously served its Lincoln County customers through two digital signal (T1) lines, which was significantly less than the overall bandwidth needed. The new fiber connections, at a minimum, double the bandwidth to each location, providing improved connectivity, faster rate speeds, and Quality of Service (QOS) across a Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) network known as SUMMITNET3. These new circuits are considerably more cost effective than the previous T1 circuits, as well as earlier proposed carrier solutions, and provide a long-term solution to meet increasing customer needs in Lincoln County.

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