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State of Montana Data Center Electrical Changes

Recent law changes will impact Data Center processes. OSHA and NFPA-70E laws have changed and a Data Center can no longer have an exception for performing live electrical work. When power is installed or removed, the main breaker must now be turned off for work to be performed.

If your equipment is not dual powered, you may experience an outage when electrical work is being performed. If your equipment is dual powered and properly supported, you should not get an outage but will have a notification that a power supply went down and came back up. In an effort to eliminate concerns or issues, Data Center customers are encouraged to schedule a visual walk-through of their racks to ensure their equipment is dual power supplied and plugged in properly.

The deadline for these changes to be implemented will be April 1, 2016. To schedule an onsite visit with Data Center staff, please call 406-444-2000. In addition, customers will be notified when power work is to be performed and you will be impacted. Thank you for your continued support.

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