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Addressing it appropriation requests in the 2015 Legislature

As the 2015 Legislative Session moves closer to its final scheduled day, now projected to be April 30, agencies are monitoring proposed bills and new legislation that may impact the way they do business.  In the legislative process, state agencies typically have opportunities to provide legislators with information to help them understand requests for appropriations and/or changes to state law. In early March, SITSD’s Lynne Pizzini had the opportunity to address the House State Administration Committee to address information technology security and Montana’s security...

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Get to know SITSD's Top Five Priority Initiatives

At SITSD leadership meetings each month, we take time to talk about the “top five.” You’re probably thinking “March Madness,” right? Good guess, but at SITSD this term refers to the top five priority projects and initiatives in progress across the division. The term helps us communicate the highest-priority projects and stay focused on our most important tasks. Over time, SITSD’s “top five” changes. We celebrate when successful projects come to a close; analyze those that result in some bumps and bruises along the way; and recommit to those...

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More IT bills make their way through the 2015 Legislature

Last month, I addressed some minor changes being proposed to the Montana Information Technology Act (MITA) in the 2015 Legislative Session. A draft of the bill, LC 0519/HB 231, is available online. That bill revises and clarifies the duties of the State Chief Information Officer, and revises the time period over which a state agency is required to report IT project costs and activities. It is tentatively scheduled to be heard in the House State Administration Committee on Thursday, Jan. 29, at 8 a.m. in Room 455, State Capitol. There are three additional legislative bills that I want...

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Minor changes proposed to update Montana Information Technology Act

The Montana Information Technology Act (MITA), created in 2001 by the Montana Legislature, created the position of Chief Information Officer (CIO) for the state and established guiding principles for the implementation of information technology in state government. A critical component of the act is the recognition by the Legislature and the Governor of the need for a single vision for information technology in state government. The act recognizes the role that IT plays in creating a favorable state business climate and protecting the privacy of citizens’ information. The act’s...

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Realigning business functions will increase effectiveness of services

Over the past year, I’ve seen marked improvement in how SITSD functions and responds to the needs of our customers. Looking to the future of information technology for the state, I envision a number of opportunities for the organization. This includes realigning its business functions to increase their effectiveness. As a result, I have recently made some changes to the division’s organizational structure and I wanted to share them with you. They were effective October 20, 2014. First, Lynne Pizzini will assume the role of Deputy Chief Information Officer (CIO) for the Division...

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