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 The State of Montana 9-1-1 Program assists local governments in the development of 9-1-1 emergency systems throughout the state. The program manages the quarterly allocation and distribution of state 9-1-1 revenues and monitors use of the funding by local governments and wireless service providers. 

The new annual 9-1-1 grant program (beginning in state fiscal year 2019) is a state-funded program created by the 2017 Legislature.  The program's legislative purpose is to support the implementation, operation, and maintenance of 9-1-1 systems, equipment, devices, and data.


PSAP Manager List   Carrier Cost Recovery Guidelines (Expires 7/1/18 per HB-61)
PSAP Certification Application   Wireless Provider Contact Information
ePass Service   Text to 9-1-1 Information & Planning Guide
PSAP Allocation of 9-1-1 Funds   Map of Active Text to 9-1-1 as of 5/22/18
PSAP Allowable Uses of Funds   
PhaseI/II Wireless Deployment  
Expenditure Report Instructions  
9-1-1 Program Monitoring FAQs