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Montana's 2015 Biennial Report on Information Technology

Did you know that Montana offers 23 mobile applications that let citizens access a variety of state services via cell phone or tablet, 24-7? You can learn more about these innovative apps, most of which have been deployed since 2012, in the state's 2015 Biennial Report on Information Technology (IT).

The Biennial Report, published January 2015, outlines Montana’s progress on goals identified in the 2012 IT Strategic Plan. The state has made significant progress since 2012 in enhancing digital services, security of IT systems, and sharing of enterprise IT services and architecture.

Specifically, the report identifies:

  • Progress on the 2012 State Strategic Plan for IT (page 9): The state is focused on maximizing the value of IT services. Websites such as Montana’s Business Portal, Transparency Portal, Open Data Portal and more than 228 eGovernment services are providing architecture that is both accessible and engaging to Montana’s citizens.
  • Progress on individual Agency IT Plans (page 17): State agencies continue to implement innovative and effective IT solutions that meet the needs of their customers while also benefiting from shared services and enterprise-wide architecture, such as the Montana Data Center.
  • Review of current Montana IT environment, including infrastructure, services, performance, legislation and projects (page 36). The state continues to focus on improved information systems security, disaster recovery, network expansion, shared services, performance metrics, and successful completion of significant IT projects.

Please take time to review Montana’s 2015 IT Biennial Report and learn how SITSD and Montana’s 34 state agencies and programs are working together to enhance the IT environment.

The Montana Information Technology Act (MITA), 2-17-524 MCA, requires SITSD to prepare a biennial report that evaluates progress toward the objectives articulated in the Montana Information Technology Strategic Plan.

Supplemental 2015 IT Biennial Report Documents

Montana Mobile Applications (pdf)
State of Montana Core & Aggregate Network Map (pdf)
Microwave Status (pdf)
Montana Application/System Inventory (pdf)
Fiscal Year 2014 Montana IT Expenditures (pdf)
Peer State Comparison of IT Expenditures and Staffing (pdf)
Montana IT Supplement Summary (pdf)
2012 Agency IT Projects and Initiatives (MS Excel file)
Statewide Communications Interoperability Plan (pdf)