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Recognizing the need to protect the State of Montana from growing concerns about cybersecurity, Governor Steve Bullock signed Executive Order 05-2015 to create the Montana Information Security Advisory Council (MT-ISAC) in 2015. MT-ISAC members represent State and Local Governments, Schools and Universities and members of the public.

With the frequency of cyberattacks increasing, the need to enhance security and support in this area is a priority for the State of Montana. Protections are in place to defend against crimes on our streets, and in this evolving landscape, we must also work to defend Montana citizen information.

MT-ISAC’s guiding principle is to share appropriate information and best practices between public and private sectors. The MT-ISAC Outreach and Education program is a free service that is now available to aid your organization’s cybersecurity efforts across four categories including education, self-assessment, training and reporting.  

Tool Kits & Resources
A variety of free information including security tool kits and resources.

Self Assessment
Assess Your Cyber Risk

Know who to contact should you have an incident. 

Training & Awareness
Events, webcasts, end user and professional security training opportunities.

The State of Montana’s Information Security Policy establishes a framework of minimum standards and best practices for the security of data and IT resources.

Montana Information Security Advisory Council (MT-ISAC) and SITSD Information Systems Security Office approved templates.

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