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Secondary Data Center FrontDisaster Recovery Services

The State of Montana is fortunate to be one of the few states with two data centers. This allows the state to be fully redundant in the event of a disaster. The data centers are approximately 400 miles apart geographically, providing additional assurance that one of the data centers would be available in the event of a disruptive regional event.

Customers wishing to locate equipment or services in a secondary data center have several options from which to choose:

Option 1:

This option is for state, local, tribal, and educational entities that are NOT on the State of Montana SummitNet network. Included in this option is a secure, environmentally controlled area with leased rack space.

This option can be either a cold site or a warm site, depending on the needs of the organization.

Disaster recovery (DR) testing can happen at any time, but the SITSD Service Desk must be notified in advance.

Option 2:

This option is for customers who are on the State's SummitNet network, but do not have their applications hosted with SITSD.

Due to increased network traffic, all DR testing must be coordinated with the State of Montana through the SITSD Service Desk.

Option 3:

This option is for customers who have their applications hosted with SITSD. The data is replicated to the secondary data center usually less than an hour after current activity in the primary data center.

There are four quarterly drills scheduled for 2016. The dates are:

  • June 14-17
  • September 13-16
  • December 15-18

For more information about Disaster Recovery services, contact the SITSD  ServiceDesk.

Disaster Recovery Service Definitions

Cold Site: Equipment is stored but not running. There is usually no current backup data available at the site.

Warm Site: Equipment is installed and running. There is usually some backup data available, but it is not current.

Hot Site: A duplicate of the original site with near complete and current backup data available.


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