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File Transfer Service 2.0 Update

Product Lifecycle Countdown

Rollout of Office O365


Database Service Changes for FY16


New Employees

Information Security Training



FILEFile Transfer Service 2.0 Update

Be sure to try out the new File Transfer Service for sending large files between state employees or to the public!  The new service also features MT Drive, which is a secure way to share and collaborate on files between state employees and the public.  For more information, click here.


COUNTDOWNProduct Lifecycle Countdown

Wondering when software and proprietary hardware is going to expire?  Now you can find all this information on the Mine site under IT.  The concept of product life cycle concerns the life of a product in the market with respect to business/commercial costs and sales measures.  Knowing when a product is at end of life will help you plan and help you ensure your environment is safe and secure.  If you would like to see additional items added please contact the Service Desk.


You can find the countdown at .



Information Security Advisory Council

July 15, 8:30-10:30 a.m., Room 152 State Capitol


Please note that some links in this newsletter are only accessible when logged into the State of Montana SummitNet network. For more information, contact



State CIO Reports in at Information Technology Board  Meeting

SITSD Reorganization

Dealing with a $3.7M biennial cut was not an easy task. My ultimate goal was to maintain services and not make the cuts on the backs of agencies. Working with the Director's Office, we made cuts where we could and made a decision to flatten the organization. This entailed eliminating two bureaus and the C-level staff. All bureau chiefs now directly report to myself and Deputy CIO, Lynne Pizzini. We thank you for your patience and understanding during this time and look forward to providing shared IT services to support the needs of the state and the citizens of Montana. To view SITSD's new organizational chart,  click here.


Repeal of the eGovernment Advisory Council

SB220, legislation to repeal the eGovernment Advisory Council, passed. The duties and responsibilities of this council are being passed on to the Information Technology Board (ITB). The primary functions being assumed by the ITB include:

  • Oversight of eGov services and the State's contract with Montana Interactive
  • Development of policy related to eGov services
  • Public outreach

IT Volume 10

It was recommended by the IT Sub-Committee during the session to create IT "Volume 10" which will be included in the Governor's budget for the next biennium. To produce Volume 10, IT expense recording must become standardized. The Leadership team here at SITSD is working closely with Cheryl Grey in SABHRS to develop a policy that dictates recording IT spending by creating a standardized chart of accounts. IT spending statewide will be recorded in a uniform manner to produce an "apples to apples" comparison. The project is expected to be complete by July 1, 2015.



DLI Electronic Content Management (ECM) Pilot

The results of the DLI/SITSD pilot project with Perceptive Software were positive. SITSD is moving forward with implementing Perceptive as the Enterprise Content Management System for the State. For more information on the pilot project click here.


House Bill 10

HB10 was signed by Governor Bullock. The language in this bill was amended by the Senate Finance and Claims  committee to encourage the use of the State Data Center. I will be working with the Director's Office to develop a plan on how HB10 funds will be spent. For more information on the bill, click here.


-Ron Baldwin, State CIO


 CYBER SECURITY NEWSLETTER  Check out this month's cyber security newsletter on the Montana Information Security Website.
EESWelcome New Employees

SITSD welcomes:  


Tony Ennenga, Accounting Supervisor

Matthew May, Computer Support Specialist

Oscar Velasquez, Computer Application Engineer


Varonis is now on the list of approved software for Montana IT agencies.


We have negotiated enterprise pricing that will be available from SHI via the WSCA contract for software. We were able to aggressively negotiate for pricing and I believe the final price is at least 15% lower than the lowest quoted individual agency price.


You can purchase this through your normal ITPR process. The vendor (SHI) and the CRM group are aware of the need to expedite these requests.


Thank you all so much for your patience as we worked our way through this process.

Database Services Catalog Item Changes for FY16

During the budget setting process for fiscal year 2016, SITSD provided information on changes to the database service catalog items.  This is a reminder that these changes go into effect on July 1, 2015 and agencies will see the changes reflected on the July SITSD invoice.  The primary change was the removal of "24 x 7" and "8 x 5" from the catalog item names and all production databases will now have 24 x 7 support.  There was also a separation of the licensing costs from the support cost.  For complete information, please contact the Service Desk.

ROLLOUTRollout of Office 365


Here's the high level SITSD recommendations for the State of Montana rollout of Office 365.   We plan to host a few workshops during July and August to iron out the details.  


SITSD Office 365 Recommendations:

1. There will be no changes to the existing rates related to Microsoft Office 365 (O365).

2. There will be no additional charge to utilize One Drive for Business (OD4B).


3. The State of Montana will utilize Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS) with the Enterprise Forest to provide single sign on to O365 for agencies in the enterprise AD and same sign on for agencies in their own forest.


4. SITSD will manage the user activation within the State of Montana G-Tenant Space. 

5. The State of Montana will implement OD4B in the secure State of Montana G-Tenant Space.

6. Agencies will be responsible for managing groups in the Enterprise Active Directory that will be used for user license activation and access to OD4B.  

* This may be subject to change if we find a more efficient way that integrates with vRealize or the FIM deployments.  For example, we are looking at creating a new custom bit-masked integer attribute similar to userAccountControl that we would use to activate different parts of O365.   Agencies will manage this attribute and SITSD will use PowerShell Scripts to enumerate Active Directory and activate accounts.  This puts the agencies in control of agency personnel activation.


7.  Agencies will be responsible for upgrading clients to use O365 licenses.


8.SITSD will be responsible for providing E-Discovery for both Exchange and for OD4B for the Enterprise, billable on an hourly basis using the Enterprise Applications Expert Time rate.

9. SITSD will train agency technical staff through workshops.  Agencies will train agency end users.


10. Agencies will be responsible for user account "clean up" activities such as assigning managers and changing SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) information within the enterprise AD forest for their assigned Organization Units (OUs).  

11.DOA will pilot O365 in order for SITSD to refine and document processes for the enterprise wide roll out of O365.  DOA would pilot the month of June 2015 and Agency Technical staff would tentatively start testing in July 2015.


12.Exchange, Lync (Skype for Business), and SharePoint will remain on premise.


We created an Office 365 Discussion Board on the NMG SharePoint site for you to post questions or make business driven recommendations.  


TechTechnical Staff need Information Security Training?

Looking for information security training for your technical staff? The Enterprise Security Program has several opportunities for both free and paid training.


SANS Securing the Human Developer Training

The STH Developer training is an extension of the Securing the Human End User training most state employees have completed the past two years. It focuses on the OWASP top ten web vulnerabilities and the system development life cycle.  There are 18 7-10 minute modules in the program. During the discount purchase period licenses are $250 per person. We need to purchase a minimum of 10 seats. For more information and samples of the modules visit:


SANS Online Training and Certification

SANS offers a variety of long courses, most of which prepare students for security certifications. During the discount purchase period courses are $2,330 each, with a minimum of three courses (all agencies combined). Certification exam vouchers can be purchased at the same time for $629 each. Courses can be taken either through SANS OnDemand or SANS vLive. For more information about available courses visit:


The current discount purchase window for SANS courses ends on July 31, 2015.If you are interested, but this timing doesn't work, there will be another discount purchase period this winter - usually from December until the end of January.  


Federal Virtual Training Environment (FedVTE)

Just when you thought we were teasing about the FREE courses available, we'll tell you about the FedVTE cybersecurity training system.  Courses range from beginner to advanced levels and are available at no cost to users. We've attached a training catalog for the FedVTE program. Sign up is easy at:


If you'd like to purchase any of the SANS courses or have questions, please contact Lisa Vasa at  



For up-to-date security news, alerts, advisories, and tips, visit the Montana Information Security website:   


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