911 Program LogoThe State of Montana 9-1-1 Program assists local and tribal governments in the development of 9-1-1 emergency systems throughout the state. The program manages the quarterly allocation and distribution of state 9-1-1 revenues and monitors use of the funding by local and tribal governments and wireless service providers.

The new 9-1-1 grant program (beginning in state fiscal year 2019) is a state-funded program created by the 2017 Legislature. The program's legislative purpose is to support the implementation, operation, and maintenance of 9-1-1 systems, equipment, devices, and data.

*2021 Grant Contracts: Grant contracts in signature process. SFY2021 grant awards

*2020 Grant Contracts: SFY2020 9-1-1 grants in progress. SFY2020 grant awards

*2019 Grant Contracts: Please complete your quarterly progress report and if applicable close out reports (forms in links below) so payment/reimbursements can be processed. SFY2019 grant awards

Certified Montana PSAPs ePass Service
PSAP Manager/Contact List Expenditure Report Instructions
PSAP Allowable Uses of QUARTERLY Funding 9-1-1 Program Monitoring FAQs
PSAP Allowable Uses of GRANT Funding 9-1-1 Grant Program Trade Secret Affidavit
PSAP Allocation of Funds for Certified PSAPs DOJ Risk Assessment for CJIN/CJIS
9-1-1 Grant Application Form SFY 2021 Grant Payment/Reimbursement Form
9-1-1 Grant Notice of Funding Availability SFY2022 Grant Program Quarterly Progress Form
PSAP Certification Application Grant Close Out Form
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