Developing eGovernment Applications

The cornerstone of Montana's eGovernment Initiative is

Easily access eGovernment services through this portal. The state entered a long-term alliance with a private company to develop Internet-based eGovernment services that quickly provide electronic services and information. NICUSA, Inc., dba Montana Interactive, LLC, currently holds this Self-Funded Electronic Government Services term contract.

Here are some helpful documents that guide the development of eGovernment applications:

Montana's eGovernment initiative

eGovernment is one of the state of Montana's information technology goals and major strategic initiatives. Currently, 62 different state agencies, organizations, universities, and local governments offer more than 400 online services to benefit Montana's citizens. Most of these services are also accessible on any mobile device.

Providing electronic government services, primarily through the Internet, allows customers to do business on their own schedule, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year, from any location. The eGovernment Initiative puts customers in charge of their relationship with the state by providing electronic access to government information and services. The initiative is supported and guided by the Information Technology Board.

Access eGovernment applications on

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