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CRM ROLE Changes

SITSD has recently moved its Customer Relationship Managers to a new role within SITSD under the technical Bureau Chiefs. Effective April 4, 2016 the Customer Relations Managers (CRMs), now referred to as Business Analysts, will begin reporting directly to the technology service providers (SITSD Bureau Chiefs). 

The SITSD Bureau Chiefs will individually and collectively be taking a direct and formal role in communicating with our customers as they design and develop solutions that meet the needs of our customers. The Business Analysts will support that effort under the direction of the Bureau Chiefs.  

The following are the roles and responsibilities of these positions:

•Maintain a high level knowledge of all SITSD enterprise services

•Maintain an in depth knowledge of the services for the bureau assigned

•Review and understand assigned bureau budget, projects, etc

•Work with agencies on bureau services as directed by the assigned Bureau Chief

•Provide service price quotes and other service related information to customers as directed by the Bureau Chief

•Maintain the Service Catalog items for the assigned bureau

•Assist with the ITPR process

•Coordinate multiple bureau requests and/or incidents as directed by the Bureau Chief

Other points of information involving this change:

•Periodic meetings will be held with customers on Thursday mornings to provide the opportunity for direct communication with SITSD Bureau Chiefs, business analysts and technical staff

•Dave Carlson and Pete Wiseman will be an available contact for SITSD customers if needed.  Ron and Lynne are also available to address any major projects or concerns

•Agencies are encouraged to  appoint one or more persons to be incident and service coordinators for communications with SITSD

•Agencies will submit requests for information, incidents, etc. via the Service Desk and the Service Desk will assign the case to the bureau for response

•Monthly budget/actual reports that are currently sent to the CRMs will be posted to the service portal with the invoices for viewing

•Requests, projects, or incidents that involve multiple bureaus will have one bureau taking the lead and the Business Analyst for that bureau will coordinate as directed by the Bureau Chief

Download the updated contact information related to the recent CRM changes HERE

2016 State of Montana IT Strategic Plan 

The State's Information Technology Strategic Plan serves as the voice of the Montana Information Technology Act (MITA), 2-17-523 MCA, and documents the strategies of the State Chief Information Officer (CIO). The plan is reviewed every two years to reflect new state IT goals and objectives. It provides a framework and guidance for the development of individual state agency IT plans. The new plan is now available. View it HERE.


Click HERE to view.

Drop dropbox. Try MT Drive instead! 

MT Drive is an added benefit of the State of Montana File Transfer Service. It provides a secure and convenient way to share and collaborate on files between state employees and the public.The service is free and simple to use. It is a functional on-premises private cloud based storage solution offering 20 GB of storage. You can get access to your files on the go or utilize it as a secure backup. Every state network user gets 20 GB of FREE storage and can create unlimited shareable folders! 

Users must have an State Network User ID in order to create shareable folders. Each State Network User ID is allowed 20 GB of storage in the shareable folders.  Login to the State of Montana File Transfer Service HERE and click the MT Drive tab.


SITSD debuted an enhancement to the Service Catalog January 4, 2016. The new and improved service catalog began a multi-phased rollout. The initial upgrade includes the transition to a shopping cart style format. The web address is also changing and it can now be found at sitsdcatalog.mt.gov.

The new catalog offers the ability to get estimates on services and save the estimates to a PDF which can be attached to a service request when an order is submitted through the Service Desk by creating a case. Further enhancements are planned and will include the ability to order directly through the Catalog. More information will be coming when that upgrade is available!

The ease of use and the ability to save a wish list can help in budget planning for IT services! Check out the NEW and IMPROVED Service Catalog HERE!

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