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2016 State of Montana IT Strategic Plan 

The State's Information Technology Strategic Plan serves as the voice of the Montana Information Technology Act (MITA), 2-17-523 MCA, and documents the strategies of the State Chief Information Officer (CIO). The plan is reviewed every two years to reflect new state IT goals and objectives. It provides a framework and guidance for the development of individual state agency IT plans. The new plan is now available. View it HERE.

State of Montana Enterprise IT Convergence

Executive Order No. 09-2016 was issued by Governor Bullock on May 24, 2016. The order defines the scope of work to be completed in/on this project as the full migration of agency information technology assets to the enterprise infrastructure. Information technology assets are defined as the hardware and software associated with enterprise servers and storage. 

This order “covers the Executive Branch and exempts (but does not prohibit from participation) elected official agencies and those entities identified in §2-17-516, Montana Code Annotated.” This project will address process changes, rates, contract renewals, and the potential to take advantage of energy efficiency grants as they relate to enterprise convergence and this project must be completed by December 31, 2017.

To allow for transparency and increased customer service, we have created this project website where you may find resources related to the project. This website can be found at In addition, more detailed information may be found on the Enterprise IT Convergence SharePoint site located HERE.

At this time, we are in the process of exploring energy savings grants from DEQ. Once the exploration of grants is completed, a dedicated technician will be reaching out to your agency to begin the planning process.

Amber Conger is the designated interim Project Manager. All questions or concerns may be directed to her at 406.444.5764 or via email at