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Mission & Vision

Mission Statement

The mission of the State Information Technology Services Division is to provide shared IT services to support the needs of the state and citizens of Montana.


State Information Technology has a vision of being an organization that focuses on:

  • Customer service
  • Innovation
  • Technology that supports Montana citizens and businesses
  • Technology that makes government more effective and efficient
  • Security and data protection
  • Enterprise platforms that provide advanced and affordable technology for State and local government


Integrity – Do what is right, legally and morally

Honesty - Communicate and act truthfully

Accountability – Take responsibility for actions

Stewardship – Properly utilize the resources of the state

Respect – Treat people with dignity and value them as individuals

Goals & Objectives 2017 Biennium

Division Mission: To provide shared information technology services to support the needs of the state and citizens of Montana.

Goal: Increase connections between information and people.


  • Deliver network services that enable online education and remote access to state and local government services.
  • Deliver mobile access to state services for citizens, businesses, and state employees.
  • Facilitate the development of apps that encourage citizen engagement.

Goal: Run the division as an efficient and effective IT business.


  • Ensure fiscal responsibility.
  • Provide support for and management of suppliers/vendor partners.
  • Track software and hardware.
  • Ensure workforce development.
  • Encourage forward-thinking, innovative solutions.
  • Utilize cloud, open source, and existing systems.
  • Conduct regular program performance audits/reviews.
  • Develop division communication plan.
  • Grow customer relationships.
  • Ensure appropriate enterprise-wide solutions.

Goal: Foster and encourage collaboration among state agencies and with other states.


  • Leverage standards, technical innovations, and systems from other government entities.
  • Share systems, components, and functionality across Montana agencies, Montana political subdivisions, and other states.

Goal: Strengthen enterprise security.


  • Implement an enterprise cyber security program.
  • Provide enterprise security training.

Goal: Coordinate the implementation of the Statewide Public Safety Land Mobile Radio System.


  • Oversee and coordinate the completion of the statewide public safety land mobile radio (LMR) backbone.
  • Engage all public safety stakeholders in the development of a long-term, viable plan for the ongoing operation and maintenance of the public safety LMR system in Montana.
  • Oversee and provide guidance in the implementation of the State and Local Implementation Grant Program.
  • Provide oversight of and consult with FirstNet as the nationwide public safety broadband network is deployed in Montana.

Goal: Implement enterprise IT oversight, coordination, planning, budgeting, and policy responsibilities as outlined in the Montana Information Technology Act.


  • Coordinate the planning, development, and implementation of new IT resources using the best practices of project management.
  • Develop and publish Montana's State Strategic Plan for IT.
  • Develop and publish Montana's Biennial Report on IT.
  • Develop and execute a process that creates, reviews, and approves agency IT plans.
  • Develop and execute a process that creates and reviews agency IT performance reports.
  • Coordinate with the Office of Budget and Program Planning to evaluate budget requests that include IT resources.
  • Establish and enforce enterprise IT policies and standards.
  • Review and approve formal agreements for IT resources provided by the private sector and other government entities and approve all acquisitions of executive agencies.
  • Provide enterprise IT project information and policy updates to the Legislative Finance Committee.