The Montana Girls Cybersecurity Project informs and inspires girls in Montana to pursue careers in cybersecurity.


The Montana Girls Cybersecurity Project coordinates initiatives to promote cybersecurity to girls in Montana.



CyberStart America is the most enjoyable way to discover your talent, advance your skills and win scholarships in cybersecurity!

Cybersecurity is a complex topic that can be difficult to learn and hard to know where to start - not any more with CyberStart. 

How it works

CyberStart America gives students in 9th-12th grade free access to the world-renowned CyberStart game.

Tackle four unique bases, each focusing on both offensive and defensive cybersecurity disciplines.

Explore over 200 unique security challenges which students solve as a cybersecurity agent investigating criminal gangs.

Get access to an extensive field manual featuring video demos, top tips and essential background information to help with challenges.

Unlock a hidden interest, progress from novice to expert and demonstrate your skills to win scholarships.

"If you told me two years ago that I would be interested in cybersecurity, I would laugh a good deal. Having tried out cybersecurity, I have come to realize that cybersecurity provides thrill, teamwork, mystery and competition! It doesn't matter what your personality is, cybersecurity could very likely fascinate you," said Tayla from Texas.

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Registration is open to students and teachers now to be notified when the program officially opens on October 27, 2021. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER.

Students can play from October 27, 2021 to April 27, 2022.

Building A Community

Over 30,000 students discovered their talent and passion for cybersecurity last year.

Amazing Prizes

$2 million of college scholarships have already been won by CyberStart players, some from right here in Montana!

Great for Students

92% of students surveyed would now consider a career in cybersecurity.

Great for Teachers

No experience needed from teachers; perfect for beginner students!

Introduce a program that caters to all abilities and requires no experience.
  • CyberStart's easy-to-follow platform allows for structured learning without the need for already stretched teachers to plan lessons. CyberStart can sit alongside existing curricula as supporting material, or as a stand-alone learning tool. The on-demand platform allows students of any ability to learn at their own pace, monitor their progress and teach themselves!
  • No teacher involvement is required for students to participate; all you need to do is tell them to register!
Develop a fun and gamified learning experience that makes learning complex topics easy and enjoyable.
  • The practical and fascinating challenges are complimented with write-ups, videos and audio tutorials for broad and dynamic learning development.
  • Your students will develop their skills in all of the following areas: Cryptography, Password security, Social engineering, Steganography, Network forensics, Reverse engineering, File forensics, Scripting, Hashing, Assembly debugging, Linux command line.
  • Students can complete this program fully independently, but school teachers or other group leaders can also sign up to play and learn alongside their students, and can form a group to monitor participation and progress of their class or club!

Enable young people who have pivoted to the industry without necessarily having studied cybersecurity by more traditional means.

  • Students who show the tenacity, curiosity, and ability to complete the challenges in CyberStart may qualify for college scholarships offered by the National Cyber Scholarship Foundation (NCSF).

Visit the NCSF website for more information on the scholarship opportunities available in 2022

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